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Introducing Words You Need to Include in Apartment Marketing to Instantly Promote to Residents and Prospects — (and they are all free!)
Why would the words INSTANTLY and SUDDENLY attract a renter’s attention and convert leases? Because they convey a sense of urgency and give the anticipation of something NEW that’s happening NOW or being INTRODUCED to help them INCREASE, DISCOVER or TAKE advantage of a SENSATIONAL, REMARKABLE IMPROVEMENT.
Whew! Every word you see in capital letters above is on the top list of words and phrases that will help resident retention. Are you TELLING US a SECRET? Good, apartment residents want to hear what’s EXCLUSIVE to them!

Start using these words for your property management marketing and see what happens to your interest level. Are your Craigslist Apartment Ads CREATING more buzz and INCREASING your responses? They will when you choose to use the 5 most powerful words in the English language in your apartment advertising:

  • You
  • Free
  • Because
  • Instantly
  • New

See you online soon.