Apartment Marketing Questions

Thanks for Asking!

Here are the most often asked apartment marketing questions (with answers, of course!).

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Can I get a login and password?

Yes! If you’ve submitted a request from the Quote page, we will call you at your telephone number to deliver login credentials. If you’re already a subscriber, click here for a password reminder.

What is a subscription?

You get access to the member’s library of apartment marketing templates so you can advertise your multifamily housing community as often as possible for one flat monthly fee. Subscriptions are UNLIMITED meaning there are no additional charges for the creation of hundreds of apartment marketing templates available in the library. And you get multiple use of HTML, URL, JPG, and PDF files you download instantly.

Why do I need campaigns?

Campaigns are composed of many formats that support the same apartment marketing theme – leasing posters, digital email flyers, Craigslist housing images, resident door hangers and direct mail postcards. You download files of any format, at any time, for any apartment leasing or resident retention project. Professional advertising themes offer eye-catching photos and smart headlines to grab a renter’s attention in your daily multifamily marketing tasks.

How many formats are in the library?

Hundreds of different formats are online at any given time and the dynamic nature of our software allows for new leasing, retention and outreach campaigns to appear instantly. We add new campaigns often to keep your theme selections fresh and relative. Apartment monthly newsletters and calendar formats are included in your subscription at no additional charge.

Let’s talk about printing.

Hello Resident is not a print shop. We provide ready-to-print layouts of professional apartment marketing campaigns and let you find your best price for this commodity. However, we do give you help:

  • Office Depot/Office Max savings color prints for only 22 cents at any retail store across the nation and online for local delivery at no charge when orders exceed $50. Hello Resident members also get up to 80% off more than 300 preferred supplies and close to 93,000 additional products are discounted below retail. Online customers receive exclusive monthly specials on everyday products.
  • FedEx Office/Kinkos 30% discount on color and black/white copies when using your Hello Resident discount number. In addition, you get 10% off all other printing and finishing services.
Where’s my apartment community logo?

Your apartment community or property management company logo automatically populates on every document you create for instant branding. Once you upload your apartment community logo to your account the software makes sure every document showcases your branding. Got a new logo? No problem. Click EDIT on any existing documents and when you GENERATE, the software will automatically update marketing campaigns with the new logo.

Do you display the Equal Opportunity Housing logo?

Yes, the EOH logo is automatically populated by the software on each rental housing document so you never have to worry about it.

Can I upload custom apartment community photos?

Of course you can! Your subscription comes with unlimited Amazon cloud storage for community photos as well as your apartment floor plans. Create your own personal digital gallery and always know where your photos are stored — in the cloud where you can reach them any time for anywhere. Simply browse your computer and upload your electronic apartment images, download and edit with a self-serve method.

Tell me how to post a housing ad on Craigslist.org in 3 clicks:

Craigslist.org gives you 24 image opportunities in your housing ads so we’ve filled your library with professional marketing images to fit your postings. Never leave money on the table when you’ve filled each opportunity with a Craigslist format, made especially for visual ads that call a prospect to take action.

1. Customize and generate any CRAIGSLIST Image format.
2. Instantly download the JPG file of your Craigslist housing ad.
3. Upload the ad as an image in your apartment rental housing post.

I need a post for my Facebook page!

Apartment marketing campaigns are offered in media formats sized to fit perfectly as a Facebook page announcement. Get more attention for your news with professionally designed images and retention messages. Instantly download JPG images from Hello Resident for immediate upload to Facebook.

Can I change the fonts?

Professional graphic designers create beautiful, targeted leasing and retention themes to call attention to your apartment flyers. The new, improved inline EDITOR lets you personalize your message fonts with style, color and alignment choices. The software looks out for maximum readability to ensure the words stay in the right proportion to the design so you always have a professional, ad-agency style apartment marketing campaign.

Which Web Browser should I use for maximum speed?

Think fast! Our favorite browser is CHROME (Click Here to Download) which is FREE and available for almost any computer. Added bonus: It has a built in spell checker. It won’t catch all of your spelling mistakes and it doesn’t catch grammatical or punctuation errors but it will put a dent into your typos.

If you use Internet Explorer (IE), make sure you update now as the browser will soon lose support by Microsoft.

Se Habla Espanol?

Hello Resident speaks and writes fluent Spanish and we are available to help with English to Spanish Translation of your apartment marketing flyers, brochures, postcards and digital email messages.

I want to be a 5-Star Member!

As you should! Hello Resident loves our apartment marketing Rock Stars. The software calculates each time you log in to the website and create documents. Frequent marketing activity determines our most savvy members across the country. Only the top 20% of users rise to the top of the list and become super star marketing members. 5-Star members rock and are often treated to private surveys, announcements and rewards!

Can I send HTML emails?

Yes, our BLAST EMAIL Marketing service lets you manage your permission-based database as well as send out great looking HTML ads to your apartment resident and prospect lists.

~ easily organize and manage your audience members
~ quickly create stylish campaigns, surveys and forms
~ see how your audience members responded and use that knowledge to create more effective campaigns
~ enjoy high delivery rates from responsible senders in a permission-based service

Now you can upload savvy marketing campaigns in HTML formats straight from your library.

Can I Get a Custom Campaign Design?

Of course you can with BRAND DESIGNS. Our graphic designers create a theme of your choice, using your apartment community’s branded colors and photos, then add interactive text fields for you to customize new collateral from our website. Your new custom apartment campaign will be loaded online in a private category for you within five (5) business days. The best thing is your apartment marketing collateral is no longer static and you can interact with the text and photos to update, change or personalize your leasing message – without incurring additional design fees.

Where do great holes come from?

The door hanger format has a 2.5″ white margin at the top to allow for a circle cutout. The Hello Resident team searched high and low until we found a handy dandy tool from Fiskars that punches a perfect 2” circle at the top of hangers. Imagine the attention your apartment message will get when it’s hanging on a resident’s doorknob.

Billing: how much and how often?

Subscription accounts include unlimited use of the library for a flat monthly fee. Fees are based on the number of units in your community, not how often you use the website so you can market your asset as much as possible. There are no additional charges for downloads. See the fee schedule on the Sign Up page of this website.

You will receive an invoice for your monthly subscription by email approximately 30 days prior to the service month. Payment is due before the first day of the month of service. Payment terms are net 30 by check or credit card.

Remit payment to: 7683 SE 27th Street, Suite 103, Mercer Island WA 98040

Can I cancel my subscription?

Although there is no better, less expensive way to market your asset, we occasionally get cancellations. Cancellations require a 30-day written notice by email and you can use the service up until the last day of the invoiced month.

Members are not under a written contract however membership is subject to, and your use of our site constitutes agreement of, our Terms of Service:

Each document has a tiny notice in the bottom left margin that you’ve probably hardly even noticed. However, this little statement is important because it covers reproduction of any content (including downloaded PDF files) from our website under U.S. copyright laws. In a nutshell, this means materials created on this website may be reproduced and distributed only by members with an active subscription account. If an account is canceled or deactivated for any reason, you lose all rights to use any material from our website in any way. In other words, don’t copy or print collateral previously downloaded from the website, or you’ll be in violation of U.S. copyright laws… and nobody wants that to happen. Also, documents from our website may not be customized, changed, or in any way altered except through the use of our website.


Email written cancellations to: hello@helloresident.com