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Although it’s Friday the 13th, this might be the first story you read that doesn’t highlight the horrors of 2020. Yes, we’ve seen the hundreds of memes and famous quotes about the pandemic, a divided political season and the loss of income for millions of people around the world. But the shining moments of good that break through the noise are the inspiration for today’s mission: Sprinkle Kindness Everywhere.

Because today is also World Kindness Day, Hello Resident is launching a Multifamily Housing Movement and you’re invited to join us. All you have to do to participate is take a simple pledge:

“I will lift up industry peers by connecting networks, creating friendships, and inspiring a spontaneous reaction of kindness”

If you’re feeling bruised and banged up, your community neighbor is hurting too. When you’re struggling with more work and less time, your multifamily coworkers are battling fatigue too. And, if you’re wondering what can possibly come next, your apartment residents are scared of the future too.

Are you ready to hear about the cure? Here’s a collection of small acts you can do to help a multifamily management company, onsite community team or housing vendor:

Compliment an associate’s positive actions: Keep your eyes peeled for the good stuff and shout it out as soon as it appears: “That was cool”

Share an industry social media page: The struggle is real to break through a crowded feed and get more follows. Help a sister out by recommending their Facebook, Insta, Pinterest or Twitter page.

Like, comment and tag a peer’s posts: Do you know what leads to more eyeballs on your apartment marketing message? A “like”, comment or tag on a media post. Do it for them and they’ll do it for you.

Leave helpful online testimonials: Referrals combine the power of your reputation with brand advocacy. If you believe in a team, a product or a service it’s time to tell someone.

Make peer-to-peer introductions: Email and professional networks like LinkedIn make it so easy to connect your social circle to one another. New friendships will flourish, and we’ll all grow together.

Let’s not forget about the millions of apartment residents who live in our housing communities. Try one of these friendly, generous and considerate actions to inspire kind neighbors to follow your lead:

  • Smile
  • Hold the door open
  • Give an honest compliment
  • Thank someone who you appreciate
  • Be a good listener
  • Offer your help to someone
  • Ask the person who’s serving you how their day is going
  • Treat someone to a coffee or tea
  • Let someone go past you in the grocery queue
  • Send flowers or chocolates to a friend out of the blue

But never fear, we’re not going to leave you on your own because this is a team effort. Join the movement by sharing kindness and we’ll give you all the ideas you need to be a successful Multifamily Kindness Ambassador. You can grab a free download of a social media graphic to share with your network and you’ll get a 30-day calendar filled with ideas just by visiting

Now it’s time to pay it forward by sharing the kindness freebies with your multifamily peers, supplier partners and apartment industry neighbors so they can help us grow the movement. Be sure to use the hashtag #kindnessliveshere so we can all see the good deeds.