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As a former Regional Manager, Paulina’s portfolio included a variety of assets, from renovation, reposition to stabilization but it is her love for lease-ups and the urban market that has fueled her passion to do more of what she loves.

Paulina earned a degree in Fashion Design from International Academy of Design and Technology after graduating from the University of WA with a BA in Communication.

“It’s not as if I ran out of things to do as a Regional Manager at the largest multifamily housing company in the nation,” says Paulina. “ It’s my passion for art, style, design and marketing that leads me to follow my dream of owning a creative company.”

Together with Founding Partner Tracy McCain, the two have come full circle in their creative journey together which began a dozen years ago when they met at an industry trade show. Paulina recognized Hello Resident as the solution to creative, on-demand apartment marketing and became the company’s first portfolio-wide customer.
Paulina currently resides in Seattle with her husband, Phil Dizon and their four-legged baby, Bella the Queen B Frenchie. Say hello to Paulina today at