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Stop Me, I’m Moving When My Apartment Lease Expires!

As my landlord you should probably know that I’m thinking about moving from the apartment I’m renting. Of course, I can’t tell you yet because there are still a couple months left on my apartment rental lease. But I’ve been thinking of getting a rental housing location closer to the city and it wouldn’t hurt to save a little money by finding an apartment with lower rent payments. These couple of reasons are enough incentive to spend an evening searching the housing ads.

As my landlord you can stop the process before I get too far down the road in my apartment search. So far, there’s not much inventory on the rental market that makes it worth my while to pack boxes. All you have to do is give me a reason and I could be convinced that it’s not the right time to move. For instance, if you remind me that the average cost to move is over $1100.00 then I will quickly realize any savings in monthly rent will be absorbed in moving expenses. Applications, deposits, rental trucks and packaging. I’m already thinking of the cost so it would send me over the edge to know the average move takes 200 hours. Scratching out a quick checklist of moving tasks grows to more than ten essential items that soak up half that time before the first box is ever loaded onto the truck.

So, I’m giving you one more chance to let me know how much easier and less expensive it is to stay where I am. There are 30 more days until my intent to vacate is due and you don’t want me to spend many more nights browsing apartment marketing ads.

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