Discover Dozens Of Excellent Apartment Advertising Ideas

From door hangers to newsletters, from posters to e-flyers, leasing professionals need multiple formats in coordinated campaigns to reach across a variety of multifamily categories.

When it comes to themed campaigns around various topics, apartment advertising ideas are plenty. Make sure your campaigns focus on hot-button apartment issues and timely, relevant themes designed especially for multifamily renters.

Although the categories of ideas for apartment advertising are unlimited there are more than a dozen you can’t live without in the multifamily housing industry:

  • Property Amenity Promotions
  • Ask for Resident Referrals
  • Brochures with Custom Photos & Floor Plan Diagrams
  • Calendars with Monthly Updates
  • Guest Cards and Retention Forms
  • Hospitality Marketing to Promote Customer Service
  • Host Retention Events and Kid-Friendly Activities
  • Internet, Mobile Services & Social Media Drivers
  • Leasing Specials and Concession Promotions
  • Maintenance Customer Service
  • General Management Notices
  • Newsletters with Community News
  • Employer Outreach & Neighborhood Prospecting
  • Rehab & Construction Progress Reports
  • Surveys & Satisfaction Questionnaires
  • Talk About Renewals Early and Often

Now that you’ve determined the categories for your apartment advertising ideas, it’s time to dig deeper into each area by developing themes and the catchy slogans that will headline your property management marketing.

What do you work on every single day in the rental market? Let the themes that drive revenue (Leasing, Retention and Renewals) move to the top of the priority list for apartment advertising.

Top 5 Apartment Advertising Themes Ideas

It’s common to see multifamily marketing centered around seasons of the year and national holidays. After all, these are things renters relate across all demographics. In property management marketing you can take it a step further in your apartment advertising with themes about living and focus on connecting and enjoying life at your community.

The Top 5 Advertising Themes Ideas you want to add to any brainstorming session are:

    • Remember You: Holiday and Celebration Cards

Acknowledge Birthdays, Celebrations, Holidays and send Thank You messages to prospects and residents, just as you would family and friends

    • We’re Expecting You: Welcome Home and Change of Address Cards

Move-in day is your customer’s first impression of how important they are to management after the lease has been signed and the rent check has been written

    • Let’s Network: Adopt a Charity, Just Plain Fun, Refreshment and Sporting Events

Sense of community can only be heightened through personal connections and social participation

    • Why We’re Great: Selling Lifestyle, Location, Pet Friendly, and Value

Rental prospects will believe your unique selling proposition when you define what it is in clear, concise and direct language

    • We Love You: Resident Appreciation and Customer Service Messages

Renters are customers who never tire of hearing how grateful property management companies are for their patronage

Essential Formats For Delivering Apartment Advertising Ideas

The best ideas in the multifamily industry are the ones that get noticed. If you print a flyer will it be read?

You can increase the odds of rental prospects and residents seeing your apartment advertising by delivering in a convenient format for the customer to receive it. Full-size Flyer marketing sheets are easy for apartment managers to print but a postcard may be easier for a rental prospect to carry around in their purse or briefcase.

Residents are also more likely to read a message hanging on their doorknob than if it’s on a loose flyer slipped under the door. Certain customers want electronic messages and prefer to read your apartment advertising in an email format.

Of course you won’t necessarily know a rental customer’s preferred method of receiving your apartment advertising ideas and multiple formats will help you cover all bases.