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Apartment Advertising Slogans Are Key To Hooking Tenants

A great apartment advertising idea needs a catchy rental slogan. We call this the hook, or the multi housing hot button issue, that will make renters and prospects pay attention to the rest of your property management message.

Coming up with an effective rental ad headline is a challenge but when done right your apartment advertising slogan is the centerpiece to a great multifamily marketing housing theme. For instance, great apartment advertising slogans should have a personality while making a renter feel something or evoke an emotion. The apartment rental slogan needs to grab attention and sell your multifamily asset at the same time.

Wouldn’t it be great to peek at a few of the most popular rental housing slogans for apartment advertising in the industry? We thought so too! Here is a sampling of the all-time greatest hits:

  • Affordable Apartment Living Rental Advertising Slogans:
    • You Can Afford To Dwell Well
    • Why Aren’t You Getting More Bang For Your Buck?
  • Leasing vs. Buying Rental Advertising Slogans:
    • Suite Dreams, Wake Up Happy When You Choose a Lease over a Deed
    • Lease a Lifestyle Makeover, In Pursuit of Leisure
  • Location-Based Apartment Leasing Slogans:
    • Right Around The Corner, Near Everywhere You Want To Be
    • When Minutes Matter, Live Where You Work and Play
  • New Multifamily Construction and Apartment Renovation Slogans:
    • Growing Today For a Better Tomorrow
    • Life is Better Here, You’ll Fit Right In
    • Now Leasing, Instant Cool Factor
  • Resident Lease Renewal Apartment Advertising Slogans:
    • Weekends Are For Road Trips, Rent a Convertible Not a Moving Truck
    • Home Is Where Roots Grow Deep

Are Prospects Paying Attention To Your Message? Find out!

Use Apartment Advertising Slogans For Fire Prevention

Do you know what fire prevention is? Yes, that’s right… It’s rental housing marketing.

What if we said you can cut down the number of property management fires you deal with on a daily basis by doing a little proactive resident marketing?

Think about educating apartment residents with preventative housing reminders, tips and education before the crisis happens. Just as you use apartment advertising slogans for leasing campaigns, put your snappy phrases to use in your resident management notices and take advantage of every communication opportunity to spread your public relations message.

Now Hear This
May We Have Your Attention Please
Another Great Reason To Lease Your Home
Change Is In The Air
At Your Service
You Deserve The Royal Treatment
Service Fit For a King
Site Maintenance, We Make House Calls

Can you see how proactive apartment rental marketing might reduce the crisis mode that has you scrambling to put out property management fires?

Start a series titled “Did You Know __.” Now fill in the blank with any multi housing community policy that often gets forgotten after apartment residents have signed their lease.

Think of renter problems that arise as the weather warms up for summer and more residents are hanging out in common areas or spending time at the pool. In the Fall season you can focus on apartment community speed-limit violations around bus stops and how to change batteries in smoke detectors.