Craigslist.Org: The #1 Choice For Free Apartment Advertising

Non-commercial in nature, provides a cornucopia of community goods, services, classified ads and social life ideas. With a free registered account, multifamily leasing managers can write a variety of ads that entice potential renters with attention-getting descriptions and eye-catching photos.

Have you ever looked at the free apartment advertising posts on Craigslist?

There are plenty of housing for rent HTML flyers in your competitive pool, so be sure to create interest and make the potential renter want to click through on your ad. Here’s where you will need to trigger someone-might-snag-this-great-apartment-before-I-do anxiety with a unique personality, professional design, high quality content and pictures that entice.

10 Essential Craigslist Triggers To Maximize Free Apartment Advertising

To get more hits on your ads, consider these 10 Essential Craigslist Triggers when creating your ad.

There are many tenant studies and renter research that give you clues to the most important apartment features across all family, income, and age groups. Lead with these issues and let your ad show how your apartment community answers the need.

  • Location is the most critical issue for renters followed by a desirable floor plan
  • The most sought-after apartment amenity is washer/dryer in the unit
  • The important factor to renting from an institutional management company is the professional appearance and attitude of staff, as well as a leasing discount or concession promotion
  • Many renters use keywords in the search function to find locations near specific employers, hospitals, colleges, school district, student housing and military bases
  • Popular keywords are names of neighborhoods, cross streets, landmarks, parks, and major transportation arteries and commuting corridors
  • The size of the rooms does matter so talk about square footage, large rooms, closets and storage
  • Craigslist is a virtual garage sale and shoppers expect price, promotions, leasing specials and sales
  • Attract your ideal style demographic: renovated, classic, vintage, views, garden, luxury, budget, urban
  • Highlight one unit’s claim to fame: sq. ft. floor plan, corner, hardwoods, quiet, in-unit laundry
  • What’s cool about your community: pets, new, parking, utilities, pool, fitness, courtesy patrol

5 Renter’s Questions Your Free Apartment Ad Should Answer

As leasing managers you live, eat and breathe your community information every day.

What seems like a no brainer to you can be a legitimate question for rental prospects. Remember these folks aren’t familiar with your multifamily property or your leasing policies but they are interested in these topics:

  • Can I afford it?
  • Can I park my cars?
  • What are the lease terms?
  • Will you love my pets?
  • Are you scamming me?

Not all landlords are as diligent and professional as you and has earned a reputation for shady deals.

Sadly it’s a fact that prospects need assurance of your ethical business practices before they’re likely to respond to your free advertising. Use of your corporate logo, the Equal Opportunity Housing (EOH) insignia and the American’s with Disabilities Act logo are symbols renters look for when reviewing multifamily housing marketing.

Craigslist Is Free Until Your Ad Is Flagged

The Craigslist community of users drives its policies, and anyone can flag ads for removal if they deem them inappropriate or over-posted, so be sure to follow the guidelines and don’t abuse.

Just because you want to post your housing ad 50 times in one day doesn’t mean you should since overposting lands you with the bad reputation of being a spammer. But what you can do is take some time to create three or so different headlines for your free ads that get your rental message across, and then test those ads against each other during different time periods to see which ones are popular with renters.

When creating free apartment ads, try to get inside the head of a Craigslist consumer. Be sure to change up your ads since using similar wording can lead to them never appearing (this is called ghosting) or getting your email addresses banned from posting privileges.

The best advice you can get is to stop reading this article right now and start reading the Craigslist Terms Of Use so your free apartment advertising plays by the rules.