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As the multifamily industry navigates the challenges of Covid-19, several marketing trends are starting to emerge and the awakening is a welcomed improvement after hunkering down in wait-and-see mode.

Are you seeing Craigslist housing ads make a comeback? Multifamily landlords across the country, including Rudeen Management Company, Inc., are reporting that renters are turning to online classified ads as a popular place to search for value pricing. Along with boosting classified advertising, Zillow reports more than 30% of landlords featured concessions in their rental listings on their service in July 2020 , up 12.5% from the same time last year.

So how’s a busy property manager supposed to increase marketing and produce digital apartment ads to take advantage of these trends?

With a portfolio of 2,711 apartment units and 800 more coming soon in the greater Spokane and Northern Idaho areas, Rudeen turned to software automation to scale advertising across multiple communities and propel them to maximum pandemic occupancy. Managing multifamily housing has always been a delicate balance of time management and creative marketing solutions, but now it’s even more imperative to work efficiently says Sarah Matthews, Office Manager at Rudeen.

“This seriously is an amazing tool for our properties: less work equals less stress and Hello Resident takes the stress out of creating marketing templates from scratch. You name it, they have it and all you need to do is hit print.”

Lanette Stach, Events & Marketing Manager at Rudeen, initially reached out to Hello Resident to take advantage of the daily calendar of essential marketing tasks and editing software for instant personalization. But in addition to automation technology, the company found another added benefit of creating effective housing ads in record time.

Hello Resident instant downloads are compatible with Rooof PostEngine, Rudeen’s choice in software for multifamily professionals that automates the creation, post scheduling and renewal of classified ads. Together, Hello Resident makes digital ads pop and PostEngine creates the best performing classified ads with the least amount of effort.

Because Hello Resident digital ads turn your benefits into graphic gallery photos, classified posting tools like PostEngine can further improve response rates with features like automatic renewals of ads and real time pricing updates. If there is one prediction to be made for future trends, it is that automation will continue to play a key role in achieving results in less time. Take a look at this free housing ads guide then reach out today and let Hello Resident show you how to save time and improve your apartment marketing.