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Leverage Technology To Improve Your Property Management Marketing

Automate your property management marketing with software that helps you save money and produce professional pieces quickly that you can monitor and measure response.

Technology’s purpose is to help make our property management jobs easier, and we have to keep up with its evolving state to ensure our business is operating efficiently. Part of your corporate property management plan should be equipping your community managers with the technological tools and ideas they need to attract renters and satisfy residents.

Software tools also allow corporate apartment managers to monitor and manage the overall company reputation from afar through a dashboard portal.

Designed with online editing tools, cloud platform software allows apartment community management teams web access to leasing and retention flyers (make sure they are available in print, electronic and HTML formats) that are professional, branded and have a sophisticated ad-agency style. They are available anytime from anywhere so that rental property marketing teams can easily revise content on the fly, distribute quickly, support brand standards, turn training classes into action plans, and fully execute corporate initiatives. This approach helps multifamily operations teams do their jobs better and faster.

Software technology can provide targeted apartment leasing headlines that are smart and catchy with professional graphics in an eye-catching layout. Brand standards should auto populate: apartment community name, brand logo, EOH logo, every time, every document.

Additionally, rental community managers have control over customizing content in the interactive template to include specific details about their apartment event, leasing special or whatever the situation may be. There’s no waiting and no shipping, but instant access on demand to get apartment advertising you need and distribute it how you see fit in a variety of ways.

The Professional Property Management Marketing Approach


Campaign marketing through a software service enables you to keep up with or exceed the competition by providing a branded, professional approach that covers all your property management marketing tasks including Resident Retention, Outreach Marketing, Craigslist, Social Media, Reputation Management and Lease Renewals. Campaign marketing consists of:

  • Knowing what to say
  • Knowing who to say it to
  • Creating collateral to convey the message
  • Picking your distribution channel

From parking tickets to office closed signs, renewal letters to Craigslist housing vacancies, software for apartment marketing provides ideas and professional design, but also allows property managers to customize with their images, floor plans, logos, and specific messages.

Once you’ve made your apartment collateral what do you want to do with it? Distribute it to a variety of audiences from multiple angles:

  • Post to Craigslist housing ads? Check!
  • Upload to Facebook? Push a button!
  • Print a poster, postcard, door hanger, or letter onsite? No Problem!
  • Mount to foam board, make it a banner, how about an A-Frame? Okay!

Gone are the days of simply printing a flyer and posting it. In these days of information overload, you need to come at your audience from all angles to ensure they see your message more than once, knowing that repetition is the key to remembering.

Think how much more effective your business will be if you have access to ready-made professional flyers customized with your specific content that you not only post in high traffic areas at your community site, but also on Facebook and Twitter, or in a blog, a newsletter, an email, and as part of a Craigslist ad.

Campaign marketing via software is a key weapon in your property management marketing arsenal.

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