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Five Property Management Marketing Ideas For Success

Are your marketing campaigns bringing in less than ten percent of your target audience?

Increasing the response can be as simple as adjusting your property management marketing ideas to include repetition: Reach out. Change formats. Reach out again.

  1. Start with a theme that appeals to a broad demographic of renters. Your discount leasing specials in September can feature a back to school offering, a fall harvest topic or center around football season. Make sure to consider the range of your renters from baby boomers to Generation Y, from families to young singles. Spread the theme across the market in many different formats to keep the message consistent, as well as coordinated. Approach your audience of apartment renters from all angles using posters, e-flyers, door hangers, post cards, newsletters and calendars. Do you know how your target audience prefers to receive information?
  2. Use full-color posters as eye-catching housing advertisements in high traffic areas such as preferred employer locations, neighborhood bulletin boards, libraries and colleges. Keep the message big and simple here: Your theme illustrated with a great photograph, bold colors and a call-to-action is enough to draw in apartment renters. Does your poster resemble a magazine ad? If yes, you’re on the right track. Let the poster drive rental prospects to call, visit your community website or access another form of apartment marketing for all the details and fine print.
  3. Add a digital element to your property management marketing with email blasts to brokers or locators, real estate agents and housing industry vendors. Do you have email addresses of potential renters too? If so, be sure to only use an email if you have a permission-based program that will allow recipients to opt out of your mailings and will not expose their address to others on the list. Savvy email marketers never expose customers to a group reply all or require too many steps to get off the mail list.
  4. Keeping in mind that it takes eight contacts with rental prospects to convert them into current residents, plan a campaign that allows consecutive touches on a repetitive schedule. Invite prospects for a tour, follow up when they attend an event, send them apartment news, tell them about an apartment vacancy and you’re halfway there. Now you have to figure out four more touches that nurture a relationship with a rental prospect just as you do with current apartment residents, neighbors and community.
  5. Rental prospects will feel the personal touch when a card shows up in their mailbox among the bills and junk mail. Take advantage of apartment leasing leads by sending greeting cards or postcards by snail mail to get someone’s immediate attention while saying, “You are a V.I.P.” Their inbox is most likely as full as yours is which makes it tough to get attention by email. Have you heard the zigzag marketing theory that says when others zig, you should zag? Here’s your chance to zag by snail mail.


Combine these marketing ideas for property management with face-to-face interaction and enjoy the benefits of apartment collateral that captures attention and increases responses. Taking advantage of multiple rental advertising avenues gives your target audience many opportunities to get the invitation to increase your bottom line.

Ready to Add 5 Ideas Into Your Monthly Tasks?

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