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Lately we’ve been paying attention to the time it takes for marketing to penetrate our attention. As typical buyers we’re exposed to blogs, ads, articles, emails and social media posts but which one makes us pull out our wallets?

It’s not easy for us to pinpoint the moment we decided to rent one apartment versus another. If marketing expert Dr. Jeffrey Lant is correct, you have to contact the prospective buyer a minimum of seven times to penetrate their consciousness. That number suggests we react to the combination of many messages happening in coordinated succession over a short period of time. Maybe that’s why it’s hard to determine which particular message grabs our dollar because more than a handful of marketing plans need to fall into place. You know what else has to happen? The apartment marketing has to be great.

Now let’s imagine one apartment shopper who could be your next resident: How are you going to show them seven great marketing messages?

Hello Resident has always specialized in apartment marketing campaigns, one message in multiple formats to reach residents through printed displays, mailed cards, Craigslist images and social media posts. The monthly newsletter article or apartment community flyer is a good starting point but you’ve still got five more touches to go. Today we’re expanding our offering to include texting to phone as one of the many ways members can instantly distribute apartment leasing and resident retention messages created on the Hello Resident website. It’s one more way unlimited memberships make it as easy as possible for community managers and leasing agents to achieve the marketing rule of seven.