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We hear it all the time, so you aren’t alone! Unless you are getting paid to be a professional graphic designer, why waste precious hours creating your marketing collateral with a limited tool?

Because it’s free, you might say.

But, when is free not actually free? When the software is designed to make you upgrade to the expensive paid version. It’s called freemium, a popular business model that limits your assets to force you to upgrade to a paid premium account if you want the good stuff. The free version of Canva offers just enough access to tease you with the paid features you really need to get your job done.

Why do you think Canva is losing its appeal for the majority of our industry? Outside of the fact that most property managers have enough on their plate without learning design skills with a limited tool, searching through irrelevant themes not related to real estate is a great big time suck.

Property managers that switch to Hello Resident pay a flat fee for all the good features and always get the premium assets. Customers say the interface is much easier and the specific themes designed for a multifamily audience saves them a lot of time. Members love the done-for-you graphic designs with quick edit options when they want to personalize a few details.

Have you noticed limited features with your free Canva account?

  • You’ll see fewer templates, stock photos, icons, and design elements. Designs created using the free version are often watermarked with the Canva logo. Hello Resident opens the entire gallery to users and automatically populates your custom logo on all marketing materials. The Fair Housing logo is here too!
  • Free Canva users are typically restricted to downloading lower resolutions. Hello Resident files are always the best quality images for printing, posting and professional business purposes.
  • The free version of Canva may restrict users to limited file formats, such as PNG or JPG. Hello Resident knows this can be inconvenient and gives users all the options of PDF and JPG files as well as URL Links and HTML Code.
  • Free Canva accounts may have limitations on cloud storage for saving designs. Hello Resident gives you unlimited storage so you can edit and reuse files and keep a large gallery of your own custom photography.

Jamie W. told us this week that she used to like playing around with Canva flyers. “That was before I saw the gallery of Hello Resident designs. Talk about leveling up!” She says she thought she was pretty good – until the professionals showed up.

If you have communities in your network that are still using Canva instead of a customized industry tool like Hello Resident, we would love to help make their life easier, save a lot of time and improve job satisfaction.

While the free version of Canva may provide access, the limitations can hinder your team by taking up valuable time, especially when advertising a multi-million-dollar rental community. Reach out to learn how you can easily stay on top of your marketing to streamline your day-to-day operations and finish that task list!