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Providing software tools to make an apartment manager’s job easier can improve their productivity and job satisfaction which will definitely help with staff retention and employee recruiting. However, it’s also important to pledge, “No More Homemade Flyers” when you need to reduce the time burden for onsite teams tasked with communicating with resident and prospects. Get the tools, make the pledge …now you’re ready to attract and retain top talent.

Hello Resident can help you with making flyers and notices that take a lot of time and thought if you don’t have a multifamily software helper. When leasing agents (usually the newest rookie to the team) are tasked with designing rental marketing flyers without years of experience, there are few options available to you.

First, consider using online design tools or templates made for multifamily housing, which can simplify the process and help you create professional-looking flyers with minimal design experience. The templates in Hello Resident are targeted to rental demographics and are low-cost newsletters and flyers that can be easily accessed and edited online.

Secondly, you could consider outsourcing the design work to a professional graphic design agency but only if you have a big marketing budget. Custom designs can be more costly which is why your software tool should offer a higher-quality end product and be automated with your apartment community information for instant execution.

Ultimately, it’s important to find a solution that works for you and your property management company, whether that means investing a small monthly fee for Software-as-a-Service tools, outsourcing at higher fees, or another approach that may take more time to sift through a thousand templates which are usually not relative to retaining apartment residents or leasing to new prospects. It’s also important to communicate your needs and limitations with your multifamily employer to ensure that you have the necessary resources and support to fill social media posts, resident portal calendars and community websites effectively.

Here’s the free resource to share with your multifamily management team to request the software tools you need.

When asking your Regional Manager or Portfolio Director for a time-saving tool you need, it’s important to approach the conversation in a professional and prepared manner. Here are some steps you can follow:

1. Do your research: Before approaching your community supervisor, make sure you have done your research and identified the specific tool you need. This could include researching different options, reading reviews, and understanding the costs involved. Hello Resident is less than your balloon budget for a month of unlimited property notices, resident flyers and community newsletters. Other options may say they are free, but how much time does it take you to search for a flyer, adapt the photos and make the message fit multifamily topics?

2. Clearly state your request: When speaking with your multifamily supervisor, clearly state the software support you need and explain why it is important for tenant retention and employee acquisition. Be specific about how the tool will save you time and benefit you and the company as a whole. For instance, Hello Resident headlines, photos and body copy are curated to you and managing multifamily rentals which means a quick edit and you’re ready to download the print or digital files. Compare this to free options without automation to show your branded logo, Equal Housing Opportunity logo, contact phone, email and website on every document.

3. Explain the costs and benefits: Be prepared to discuss the costs and benefits of the tool you are requesting. This could include the upfront cost, ongoing maintenance, and any training required. Also, be sure to highlight how the tool will help you work more efficiently and effectively. Since Hello Resident has specialized in apartment marketing for almost 20 years, you benefit from the many multi-housing industry peers who have tweaked and perfected the campaign designs software for ease of use that requires no training. Plus, our S-a-a-S model means we take care of all the software maintenance.

4. Address any concerns: Your supervisor may have concerns or questions about the tool you are requesting. Be prepared to address these concerns and explain how the benefits outweigh any potential risks. Upon your request, we will get you prepared with the Hello Resident , a handy resource based on the most frequently asked questions.

5. Follow up: If your supervisor needs time to consider your request, make sure to follow up at a later time to check on the status. If the request is approved, make sure to express your appreciation and put the tool to good use. A click on this Get Started link will set your membership in motion and you’ll be downloading instant files in minutes.

Remember, the key to successfully requesting a multifamily software tool is to approach the conversation professionally, be prepared, and clearly explain the benefits of the tool to your Regional Manager and the property management company. We’re here to help and asking is as easy as sending us a quick email.