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Lots of you apartment folks have a list of community amenities a mile long. There are pools and game rooms, very fun things to add to your leasing lifestyle. Imagine the challenge of creating apartment marketing for one community feature: A vending machine. Yes, that is all. How would you tackle this apartment advertising project?

It’s a true story. While cruising through apartment marketing ads we came across a multifamily housing rental with one lonely bullet point under the list of Community Features:

• The vending machine.

Calling out the lonely vending machine emphasizes the sadness of a single feature more than if the resident amenities list had been left blank. If you were to ask for our advice on marketing for a multifamily asset with few amenities, Hello Resident would say this is a case of apartment marketing that needs to go above and beyond. Leasing managers can create buzzworthy apartment amenities with resident programs, activities and outreach to local vendors.

Here are a few resident retention ideas for creating the illusion of features:

1. Resident VIP Discounts: negotiate a deal with neighborhood retailers and restaurants to honor a resident coupon for hosting renter gatherings and special events for your apartment tenants.

2. Wheels When You Need Them Program: offer a community parking spot for a flex-car vendor and give a resident referral code.

3. Pet Sitting and Mobile Grooming Services: team up your apartment community and a reputable, licensed doggie daycare provider for an instant amenity.

4. At Home Grocery Delivery: get your multifamily housing location on the delivery route for national chains such as Amazon and Safeway.

5. USB Charging Stations: make a small $15 investment in a wall plate for the apartment unit that features a built-in electronics charger. We like SnapPower, but there are many choices that don’t require hard wiring.

Now, we’re loving your options for more interesting apartment marketing for your ads on Craigslist, Zillow and the sell sheets you hand out in the leasing office. It’s hard to turn off the excitement once you’ve opened the brainstorming for apartment marketing and resident retention ideas … a small pea patch herb garden, dry cleaning drop off and delivery, online bill pay, etc. Let’s keep these prospecting and retention ideas flowing. Whatcha got?