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Indigo Real Estate Services selectively aligns its services with quality clients who value a proactive, entrepreneurial approach to property management. Located in the Pacific Northwest, Indigo is a third-party firm representing coast-to-coast conventional, LIHTC and HUD communities. With approximately 7,000 apartment homes, their team has the capacity to manage each asset as a unique investment and initiate operational changes that will capitalize on market opportunities, ultimately increasing valuation.

“We look for solutions to occupancy hurdles that go beyond concessions or simply dropping the rental rate.”

Chris McEver, Vice President at Indigo, says it’s important to remember property management is a service and people oriented business. That’s why it’s no surprise Indigo chose the startup team at Hello Resident to align technology and growth with on-demand marketing services to attract, retain and renew residents. With the new Indigo and Hello Resident partnership, onsite teams can quickly customize and download instant marketing collateral to post, print or share with prospects and residents.

“We look for solutions to occupancy hurdles that go beyond concessions or simply dropping the rental rate,” says McEver. McEver believes people are the foundation to Indigo’s business model and Hello Resident provides a support tool, training, and marketing motivation his onsite managers need to succeed.

“When property managers use software to save time, clients benefit from a multifamily team focused on the right tasks,” says Tracy McCain, founder of Hello Resident. “We help managers turn their attention to leasing rather than spinning their wheels on marketing flyers,” she says.

This week Indigo teams logged into the Hello Resident website and launched dozens of creative marketing campaigns for their clients. Hello Resident Managing Partner, Paulina Chau Dizon, says choosing technology is a smart move in today’s rental environment. She says her company’s goal is getting to know onsite marketing on an intimate level. “Understanding unique challenges in the field allows Hello Resident to help differentiate Indigo Real Estate Services within a competitive market.”

Unlimited subscription memberships to instant multifamily marketing are offered for a flat monthly rate at