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It’s often true that the best business deals happen over lunch. In this scenario, Crystal Tolen and her marketing team decided over sandwiches in Oklahoma to reach out to the Hello Resident executives in Seattle. Tolen, regional vice president at Case & Associates Properties, Inc. was searching for an extension to the company’s human-powered apartment marketing systems.

“We were getting bogged down in the minutia of flyers, brochures and property collateral for 25,000 residential apartment units,” Tolen says. “The conversation quickly turned to hope that there is a software company who automates what Case needs to achieve,” she says.

“Case knew their pain point and took a proactive step to solve it quickly so business can keep moving.”

One quick Google search later and the property management company operating in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Mississippi and Arkansas was reviewing on-demand marketing services for onsite teams to attract, retain and renew residents.

“It’s the efficiency achieved by customizing templates through a software interface and downloading instant files that makes sense for management companies operating across multiple states,” says Tracy McCain, founding partner of Hello Resident. She says Tolen’s ability to make a universal decision was the catalyst behind the entire company receiving login credentials and training within two weeks of the initial phone call.

“Empowering leasing teams in the field to market apartments as often as possible fits within the Case motto of providing exceptional customer service through their employees, to their residents, for their owners,” says Paulina Chau Dizon, managing partner at Hello Resident. “Case knew their pain point and took a proactive step to solve it quickly so business can keep moving.”

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