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Two Month Property Management Marketing Plan

What if we told you it’s possible to design, develop and execute a property management marketing plan in less than two months?

You can, and it takes a less time than you think. The recommended tasks below take fewer than 30 minutes to perform, leaving you with plenty of extra time each day to measure your success.

Wondering Which Apartment Marketing Tasks to Do Today?

Drive Traffic and Weekly Leads

Leasing promotions, follow-up, and powerful outreach drive customer traffic to your door when you take these three steps once a week.

  1. Blitz at least 10 outreach partners to remind business owners, major employers, local colleges and neighborhood activists why your community is relevant and ready to house their network of friends, relatives and employees.
  2. Push for internal referrals by telling existing satisfied customers about a snazzy apartment home perfect for someone they know. Take advantage of the network right at your fingertips, and remember that word of mouth is one of our most powerful marketing tools.
  3. Post only keyword-specific ads filled with location, square footage and layouts of the apartment home as well as interior amenities that attract renters. Take advantage of free advertising by posting your apartment ads on sites like Craigslist.

Make a First Impression Every Day

Look a year down the road when a lease is set to expire and remember that renewals start on move-in day – so it’s crucial to make it memorable.


  1. Deliver a welcome message, drop off stacks of personalized change-of-address cards and make each new resident feel as if you’ve anticipated their arrival.
  2. Survey residents new to your community in the last 30 days and see how they’re settling in at home and gain brownie points for caring enough to ask.
  3. Promote maintenance customer service and help renters appreciate every household chore taken care of by you and your team.

Spread Sense of Community Once a Month

Set these recurring programs in motion and encourage a culture of community that’s sure to cause a ripple effect throughout your customers.

  1. Your message of inclusion is loud and clear when you send birthday wishes or notes of congratulations when good things happen to residents, just as you would with friends and family. If resident Rachel is turning 40, send a card to help her celebrate this milestone. If a neighboring business is in the local paper for a job well done, send them a card thanking them for their positive contribution to your community.
  2. Give renters an excuse to mingle by hosting an activity or gathering, and relationships will naturally begin to form amongst neighbors, as well as with you and your management team. Host a barbecue, a Fun Run, a happy hour with pets, anything that brings residents together to create and sustain long-lasting relationships.
  3. Rethink your apartment lease renewal form letter and extend an invitation for a personal meeting instead to discuss this major life decision. Important communication is better when done face to face, especially if a resident needs a touch of persuasion.

Now that you’ve put your plan in place there are only a couple of things you have to do to measure your success. Ask yourself if property management tasks are easy to execute and if they generate a positive response. If the answer is yes, you’ve found a plan that will rock your property marketing.

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