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Stop whatever you’re doing right now and Google yourself. Do a quick search for your apartment community to see what prospects find first when browsing for your multifamily advertising. The paid ads may show the beautiful, shiny professional apartment marketing ads you hope are on display but what pops up in the organic results?

In most cases when searching for rental housing communities the top three organic results are the apartment property Facebook page, Yelp or Google +, and Sadly, Facebook offers a dismal array of apartment pages that are inactive since 2013. You can fix this loss of apartment advertising by posting an image or .jpg file of one of your resident retention event flyers. Something posted within this year will show you’re still alive and kicking but the best bet is to actively cultivate your online presence with weekly apartment marketing updates. Can you dig deeper and host a selfie contest to fill your apartment marketing Facebook page with happy, smiling faces at #whyilovelivinghere?



Now Yelp and Google+ are a more significant story with reviews and testimonials that suggest weak or less than stellar multi-housing management. You can’t remove the current reviews, but you can encourage more participation by satisfied apartment residents. Follow every positive experience with an apartment community referral flyer that leads to good, truthful stories that will soon bury old reviews. Anger and resentment are large motivators for apartment residents to post online marketing rants but satisfied tenants may need a personal request from the community leasing manager to seek out and write about their experience.


Life is Good Here. Tell Someone.