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Write The Best Apartment Community Newsletters In The Multi Family Industry

An apartment community newsletter is a great property management tool since managers can use it to communicate a variety of ideas such as policy reminders, parking rules, landscape changes as well as news about events and other pertinent information. It’s a way to connect and build relationships.

Community managers should always be “selling the renewal,” and an apartment community newsletter is one way to do that.

Continue to remind residents they made the right choice when they leased with you, which means you’ll need to keep your customer service, great staff and property amenities in the spotlight. Remember that something only has value if your customer remembers it and perceives it as a good thing. Use your newsletter to toot your own horn.

Statistics show that multi housing renters trust words from their peers or people most like them. Do you have a few resident reviews or testimonials to share? Collect positive renter comments and put one in your apartment resident newsletter every month. Use your valuable newsletter space to continue to sell your property amenities and the benefits of living in your apartment community.

The apartment community newsletter is not only an instrument of resident retention, but also a marketing tool when handed to prospects who come tour your apartments or when distributed at events and places in your local neighborhood. It’s a printed or digital representation of your first impression so make it good.

You can print the multi family housing newsletter and calendar and distribute to residents individually – with so much online these days, there’s power in a printed piece you can hold. Or, you could print a few to have available at your property leasing office and display around high traffic areas, but also offer it online for convenience and wider distribution by posting on your website, Facebook and other social media pages.

Is Your Apartment Newsletter Excellent or Needs Some Help?

Apartment Community Newsletter Ideas that Will Increase Readership

Most experts in the industry will tell you an apartment community newsletter is one of the basic elements to multifamily marketing. But what you might not hear is that you’re not doing your marketing plan any good if you don’t have the ideas to get customers and prospects to pick up your latest edition and read it.

Never fear, we’re here to help with the 5 best apartment community newsletter ideas to attract more eyeballs.

Put it in the Right Place

The front-page headline of your apartment community newsletter is a good place to shout a message unique to your property because it’s the first spot to grab your resident readers’ attention.

Use this well-read section to highlight important notes and apartment community happenings. For example, do you have rental vacancies? Solicit friends and family referrals from your current residents and announce any rewards or prizes you can offer them in exchange.

Most readers scan content rather than reading it word for word, so put your best apartment community newsletter ideas in the front in a way that stands out. Your content should also include photos since readers get bored easily with text only. Be sure to use a format that’s user friendly and easy for residents to digest quickly.

Toot Your Own Horn

With a multi-million dollar asset, it’s important to convey in your newsletter, “We are professionally managed with a team of experts behind us.”

Highlight industry awards your apartment community has earned or any recognition your management team has received.

If you’ve made improvements to your property that contribute to environmental conservation, made charitable donations, or supported important issues, let your residents know how active you are in the business of making your community and the world a better place to live.

Taking Care of Business

Apartment community newsletters provide a place for property managers to announce landscape changes, upcoming inspections and anything scheduled on your site or around the neighborhood.

What rental policy issues keep showing up across your desk? Be proactive and reduce your daily problems when your newsletter includes reminders taken directly from your lease agreement. You can even customize an area of your newsletter to feature manager’s notes or policy reminders.

How long do you think it’s been since a resident sat down to read your lease terms? That’s right, a long time ago. It’s a good idea to use your apartment community newsletter to highlight a lease term and reduce your management headaches.

You know the importance of renter’s insurance, but do your residents? Dedicate a column in your newsletter to encourage residents to take precautions that can help them avoid financial and other issues should an emergency arrive.

Did residents remember to change the batteries in their smoke detectors? Send them reminders to take important preventative steps that save lives and avoid home disasters.

It’s All About Timing

Will seasonal changes affect more policies than others? Consider the timing and take a proactive stance on issues. With each change of season comes a new slew of apartment community newsletter ideas.

If summer and outdoor weather is approaching, talk about the lease terms for leaving apartment windows open or noise in the common areas and pool rules. If it’s fall, remind resident drivers to slow down around bus stops and to be watchful for children in crosswalks. Winter season might be the right time to inform residents of flooding, snow or other harsh element issues during the cold or rainy season. And don’t forget about mold prevention habits, especially in apartments located in rainy climates

Make it Personal

Make your apartment community newsletter personal with compelling storytelling.

Introduce your apartment community staff including interesting information about each person. Interview residents and share their stories, which can help them get to know each other, feel special and create a sense of community.

Like anyone, residents enjoy a personal touch and recognition, so you could interview and profile a resident each month in your apartment community newsletter, congratulate and share their big news, and add photos of their pets or kids being funny or cute. Use it as a way for residents to get to know you and each other.

Here’s an inspiring story of community and connection – after residents read a blurb in their apartment community newsletter about 12 couples getting married within weeks of each other, all the couples wanted to be introduced to one another. Initially the newsletter was used to share their “news,” but it ultimately became a way for a group of people to bond because they shared more than a community address in common.

Residents share the same apartment complex, so it’s only natural they seek connection and community with each other, and a newsletter is one tool to help them do that.

Where to Find Apartment Community Newsletter Ideas

Your newsletter should first and foremost be about what’s happening in your specific apartment community.

Remember to use your apartment community newsletter as a place to constantly sell your residents on why it’s a wonderful place to live. Ideas, therefore, should be right under your nose. Talk about how great your pool, gym, parking, and other amenities are and what events you’re hosting for them.

Residents could also come to rely on your apartment newsletters as a resource to discover what’s going on in their community at large, so research a few event/calendar websites in your city and refer to them each month to include those ideas that appeal to your audience.

Make sure your newsletter is entertaining and fun to read by including helpful and interesting facts that relate to your community. Subscribe to other newsletters to get inspiration from what others are doing.

Need more apartment community newsletter ideas? Go to the audience source – ask your residents what kinds of things they’d like to see in the newsletter since renters are your readers.