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Tips And Tricks For Producing Top Quality Apartment Flyers

Apartment marketing flyers have traditionally been a big part of how community managers market to and communicate with residents, so these documents need to look good and be professional to make a positive impression.

Thankfully technology has improved so that leasing managers are no longer limited to using clip art but can instead incorporate high-resolution photos and professional design to appeal to prospects and residents.

Apartment flyers with sophisticated style, appealing aesthetics, hot button leasing themes and entertaining elements give credibility to apartment communities and increase their occupancy rates and renewals. They have personality and become a part of your brand, who you are, and the face you’re presenting to the world.

Create buzz-worthy apartment flyers to connect, communicate, persuade, inform, entice, enchant, promote and for all purposes: retention, renewal, operations, management, and maintenance. Be sure to cover “hot button” rental topics as well as everyday leasing tasks.

Apartment marketing collateral only helps you target your audience if you personalize your messages with specific content and this one-on-one approach should be a part of every community manager’s advertising strategy to get noticed, attract prospects and retain residents with consistent communication.

How to Create the Best Apartment Marketing Flyers

What is the best way to create professional apartment flyers worthy of your multimillion-dollar asset? Producing apartment marketing flyers with templates downloaded from a web-hosted library is a good strategy because it gives apartment managers a head start with a professional design, catchy headline and high resolution images, but also gives you the ability to add, edit and change content to personalize and fit your specific needs.

Better than single copies of desktop publishing software in each leasing office, Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) applications offer low subscription rates for dynamic interaction over the Internet.

Only the flexibility of interactive web applications can offer this level of personalization while continuing to streamline the efficiency of site-based marketing. No longer is it necessary to wait for custom production schedules and a box of stuff to arrive to your leasing office when SAAS technology puts collateral into action before the end of the day. Anything less than instant is too long. Demand your providers offer immediate editing with simple software and instant downloads of files you can print, post or share today.

More Than Just an Apartment Flyer

However, if we’ve learned any lessons about apartment promotions, it is this: Marketing is more than just a flyer, it’s a series of messages.

Yes, the keyword is “series” since it usually takes multiple touches for your rental audience to recognize your leasing message and respond. In a successful apartment marketing campaign every format is designed to move a prospect or resident one step at a time.

If you include every detail about your apartment community in one single piece, it’s easy for prospects to become overwhelmed. Or when an advertisement for an apartment community event is one flyer delivered one time, it’s easily forgotten.

Part of property management promotional planning should consider how your audience wants to receive the message, not necessarily what’s easier or cheaper for you to produce.

With these factors in mind, build apartment marketing campaigns with multiple formats that can be delivered through a variety of distribution channels. Pick several formats, decide on a theme that appeals to your target demographic and deliver your message in a variety of ways to be a master at occupancy in a matter of minutes.

Using a software service online suited specifically for apartment marketing allows you to create a variety of formats such as rental flyers, posters, door hangers, e-flyers for email and postcards to launch a full-blown marketing campaign that targets potential renters and existing residents on multiple levels.

You can create an apartment flyer about your special discount leasing promotion, for example, to hang in a high traffic area, but think of how much more attention you’ll grab if you take a few more seconds to change the format to a door hanger or postcard for distribution to individuals, and send it by email as an e-flyer.

That’s a lot of marketing bang for your buck and is easily doable with an online software service for apartment marketing.