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Word Choice Is Key To Effective Apartment Marketing Slogans

Here’s the secret to writing great apartment marketing slogans: Become a collector of words.

Remember when you were in elementary school and you made a collage out of magazine clippings? Most likely you were given a pair of scissors and a glue stick with instructions to find interesting pictures, words or phrases that describe you.

Believe it or not, you were learning how to create great apartment marketing slogans way back then. This simple process still works in today’s multifamily marketing projects although it probably starts with a Google search and you can use your mouse to copy/paste great words and phrases into a Microsoft Word document.

Do You Have Great Words In Your Slogans? We Do!

Effective Apartment Marketing Slogans

Take these collectible three words: Vibe, Zone and Attitude.

Now, think of your multifamily housing community and where each of these words can be used to spice up your community descriptions…

  • Does your surrounding neighborhood have a healthy vibe?
  • Maybe your open grassy lawn is the perfect play zone for pets or is it a zen zone for residents to practice Tai Chi?
  • And, of course, it’s easy to see that your apartment maintenance team has a customer service attitude.

Chances are you’ll be able to use one of these great words in a catchy, clever apartment marketing slogan in a campaign about leasing a new apartment home, retaining a resident or renewing a lease for another year.

Keep collecting words (Chill, Simplified and Prime) to jump start ideas for catchy headlines and subheads on property advertising campaigns. You and your leasing team can do this process yourself by grabbing a notepad and pencil while surrounding yourself with interesting books, magazines, blogs, articles and conversations.

Your apartment marketing slogans will begin to sing when you collect descriptive words that speak to your demographic.

Ignore the temptation to write fa-la-la romance text you’ve seen before in the typical apartment industry slogans. Collect only smart, savvy words that are worthy of your apartment marketing collage. Soon you’ll be able to look into your tackle box filled with glittering word lures that will help you catch the attention of potential renters and existing residents.

Let’s say you’re working on resident retention this month. When you write to residents and want to convey your specific community attributes of easy and convenient, try to use words that sell in your apartment marketing slogan:

  • Simplify
  • Right at your fingertips
  • Fast, easy access
  • Time saving
  • Without the hassle of . . .
  • In your own home
  • Fits your schedule
  • At your own convenience
  • Makes ______ easier than ever

Now it’s time to give it a try. Get out your glue, scissors and challenge yourself today to use the convenient and easy words that sell to write a great apartment marketing slogan.