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Building Apartment Marketing Ideas During Recession

Stop talking about granite counters and sparkling pools. Start talking about value and key benefits.

There are money-saving community amenities that will attract multi family renters who want services that make leasing an apartment a smart financial decision. Build your apartment marketing ideas around these six benefits:

Green Living Pays

If you have green or LEED Certified features, move these community amenities to the top of your advertising list.

Energy Star apartment appliances save families about a third on monthly energy bills, CFL light bulbs save 75% in wattage and high-efficiency showers save 40% in water usage. Green living translates into a renter paying less to lease in your multifamily housing community.

Education is Recession Resistant

Vocational and community college enrollment is at an all time high. Go to and find the location nearest your multifamily property and begin a strategy to market to students. Remember that students seek out free Internet (look at the crowds at coffee shops) which may be a south-after amenity, but they will also pay for technology features and smart homes.

Give Loyalty Rewards

Accept credit cards for rent payments and market this community amenity as a way for multifamily residents to access loyalty rewards from their card company. You get two bangs for your buck with this apartment marketing idea since paying rent online is a leasing convenience as well as a customer reward perk.

Who’s Hiring? Expand your preferred employer discount to include companies that are currently hiring as part of your apartment marketing plan. Do you have a leasing application friendly to gig workers often paid as self-employed residents?

Visit a job aggregate website to find businesses that are posting job openings. Contact them with an invitation to house their employees and new hires at your nearby apartment community. As companies strive to attract the best talent, your multifamily housing amenity will become another carrot for their employee benefits package.

Offer Roommate Sharing Suites

Statistics show people are moving in together and sharing living spaces as well as ride sharing opportunities with Zip Car, Car-to-Go and UBER. Can you use this apartment marketing idea on two-bedroom units to appeal to two unrelated people and offer separate, individual leases? Jump on board the sharing trend. Two bedrooms also lease as work/live options for residents using a home office. Cater your apartment advertising message to speak to these leasing demographics.

Get Urban

Pedestrian friendliness is a pocketbook issue. Living trends are moving toward mass transit hubs, bus routes and bike paths. Find your multifamily property’s urban benefit at Then, talk about it in your multi family collateral as part of your apartment marketing strategy! The cost of commuting from an apartment location can be factored in to monthly costs making your leasing terms better fit a renter’s budget.

Apartment marketing ideas can come from anywhere, even during a recession, but the truly great ones that generate results begin from the basis of highlighting key benefits relevant to the target demographic.