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Over-The-Weekend Apartment Marketing Plan

Not long ago we received a call on a Thursday afternoon from a Regional Manager who was having trouble with her apartment marketing plan for a new property she manages.

One of her brand new owners had called to say he would be meeting her at the community Monday morning for a marketing review. And this is before she had enough time to get her employees situated since the community transition! The Regional Manager pulled a couple of reports – and she didn’t like what she saw. She began cancelling weekend plans.

Fighting fires is part of the job. Yes, especially if you find yourself without a consistent, daily apartment marketing program. But within a couple of hours a complete marketing plan can be drafted if you have the collateral that simply needs to be customized to help you quickly execute your plan.

Do You Have Two Days To Improve Occupancy?

Simple Apartment Marketing Plan Template

Here’s what the Regional Manager did to please her new owner in only three days:

  1. Unit specific Craigslist ads were created and the HTML code was posted online. Once apartment housing ads went live on the website, the hits were tracked for a record of how many potential renters saw the apartment marketing message. A tracking phone number was used in the ads so there could be a telephone, as well as email, response log. Weekend traffic at the site was good and this type of direct response was what the owner wanted to see.
  2. Outreach apartment marketing letters were printed and mailed to local employers and businesses within ten miles or ten minutes of the community. By personalizing a letterhead template, every potential outreach partner got an interesting preferred employer offer and an invitation to send employees and customers for a leasing tour of the apartment community.This initial touch was an introduction and now the follow-up plan is in place for continued, consistent communication with outreach marketing partners.
  3. A resident referral plan was launched that targeted existing tenant’s family, friends and coworkers. Quick door hangers gave each apartment resident an opportunity to earn a referral fee when a neighbor they recommended moved in before the offer deadline expired. The recurring referral offer will be highlighted to apartment residents again every quarter.

Over the weekend the Regional Manager watched as the results started to roll in from her apartment marketing plan. She enjoyed her time off knowing Monday’s meeting with her new owner was now under control.

Although this scenario sounds like magic, it’s actually possible through a smart apartment marketing plan and a savvy collection of apartment marketing templates that you simply customize for instant execution over the weekend for Monday results.