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Get This Simple Guide To Improving Your Apartment Marketing

Are current apartment marketing strategies bringing in less than ten percent of your target audience?

Increasing the response can be as simple as adjusting your property-marketing story to include repetition: Reach out. Change formats. Reach out again.

1. Start with an apartment theme idea that appeals to a broad demographic of renters. Spread the theme idea across the market in many different formats to keep the message consistent, as well as coordinated. Do you know how your target audience prefers to receive information? Flyers around their apartment community? E-flyers via email or posted on your social media pages?

2. Use full-color apartment flyers or posters as eye-catching advertisements in high traffic areas around your community and in preferred employer locations, neighborhood bulletin boards, libraries and colleges. Keep the apartment marketing idea big and simple here: Your leasing theme illustrated with a great photograph, bold colors and a call-to-action is enough to draw in rental customers.

3. Add a digital element to your property management marketing with email blasts of your apartment flyers to locators, real estate agents and multifamily housing vendors. Do you have email addresses of potential renters too? Do your apartment residents follow you on Instagram or like you on your apartment community Facebook page and follow your Pinterest pins? If the answer to these questions is yes, you will benefit from electronic images to post and display on your multifamily housing social media platforms.

4. Keeping in mind that it takes eight contacts with rental prospects to convert them into current residents, plan an apartment marketing campaign with multiple formats that allows consecutive advertising touches on a repetitive schedule.

Is Your Apartment Marketing Hokey Instead of Homey?

Building Your Apartment Marketing Strategy


The next step is to turn your property-marketing story into an apartment marketing strategy.

Building trust and credibility with rental prospects, residents, outreach partners, preferred employers, and neighboring businesses is an essential step to success in your apartment marketing strategy. Details, such as the quality of apartment marketing materials and the theme idea of your leasing promotions, give potential participants an inkling of what to expect from your multifamily housing management team.

A rental customer’s perception of the collateral (Are your apartment flyers and posters professionally designed?) and the innovation of the theme (Is the apartment marketing idea hokey, or clever?) help a renter determine if they will benefit from participating. A renter’s perception of quality apartment management is influenced by the marketing story you tell with collateral.

Apartment flyers with unique resident event themes increase attendance and showcase community amenities. Creative flyers for retention, renewals, maintenance issues, and management reminders allows you to take advantage of every opportunity to create a high-quality, personalized message each time you communicate with residents with apartment flyers, which will increase your retention rates.